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List of updated standards

We publish a list of updated standards in the fields of electrical safety, EMC and radio quarterly. Click here to download the latest edition




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Safety, EMC and Radio

Management Systems Certification


Medical Devices


Safety EN

Product with radio? Use RED for your EU declaration of conformity!

After a one-year transition period, the EU’s Radio Equipment Directive (RED) became compulsory on June 13, 2017. From and including this date, the old R&TTE directive ceases to apply and any product that contains wireless communication must be assessed for compliance with RED.

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Growing demand for testing of charging equipment for electric vehicles

The automotive industry has traditionally had its own standards for safety and quality. The fact that vehicles are now increasingly being connected to the national electricity grid has changed the game plan for manufacturers and their subcontractors.

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Product standardization for beginners

Product standards are the foundation for the majority of the tests performed in Intertek’s lab. A standard operates as a common set of rules around the world — to ensure that the product is safe and accepted everywhere. But where do they actually come from?

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More news

Two EMC standards become one

Harmonization with RED has been faster than anticipated

New radio requirements for the United States from July 2017


BA section

Management system certification standards support risk management

On a daily basis, Intertek auditors meet with organizations that are trying to work out how to become better at risk management. A lot of inspiration and support is available in ISO’s standards on management systems. An ISO certification provides the framework, principles, methods and tools to systematically improve an organization’s risk management.

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Customer case study: ISO certification sharpens quality as your business grows

Few businesses are subject to quality control to the same extent as care of children and the elderly. For Norwegian company Norlandia, quality certification in accordance with ISO 9001 resulted in a review of the business by an independent expert and important incentives for improvement.

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chemicals section 

Biocides – an area of strong growth

EU regulations regarding biocides are both strict and complicated. In addition to the manufacturer of biocidal products, these affect all companies that use biocides in their production processes or put biocide-treated articles on the European market.

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Medtech section 

New EU rules for medical technology here

On 5 April the European Parliament voted through the new regulation, which will regulate medical technology within the EU in the future. The regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 5 May.

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Health Canada is phasing out CMDCAS for MDSAP

From and including December 31, 2018, CMDCAS certification will no longer be valid as a basis for access to the Canadian market for medical devices. After this date, a MDSAP certificate is necessary to indicate that a medical device manufacturer meets the requirements in terms of its quality system for the organization.

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