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Using the S-mark

Intertek has developed an Intertek Mark Usage Guide that provides more information on how you can use the marks on your product, your packaging and, not least, in your marketing.

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Our customers and the S Mark

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The S-mark

Intertek exclusively provides the S Mark. Products bearing this Mark demonstrate compliance with legal European electrical safety requirements via third-party testing.

Electrical products sold throughout the EU must bear the CE marking. However, as CE marking is self-declared, impartial testing is not required. Products bearing the S Mark (a voluntary certification) show that Intertek has independently tested and certified that the products fulfill valid safety requirements. With the S Mark, your product may be sold throughout the EU without further safety testing or certification. The testing and certification regimen for the S Mark is the basis for CE marking and the required documentation.

When the safety of electrical and electronic products is certified, the products are tested for the following risks, as specified in the European safety standards: Fire, electric shock, mechanical injuries, radiation injuries and burns and certain types of environmental damage. 

Importance of the S Mark

For your customers, the S Mark is a visible proof of the safety of your product. For manufacturers and retailers, S Marking is assurance that your brand reputation will not be put at risk by a product safety failure. In addition, because each "S Marked" product is independently tested, you don’t risk having your products taken off the market because they don’t meet market requirements. 

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