CE marking - with a focus on electrical products

All companies selling products on the European market must be able to demonstrate that the products meet applicable EU requirements, e.g. according to the Low Voltage Directive, LVD. The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration to the authorities that the product complies with all regulations imposed on it on the basis of relevant directives.

The consequence of not having full control of its CE marking can be costly if there is an incident with the product or if the product does not pass a market control by the responsible authority. Welcome to our basic training for you who need a better overall knowledge of the basics of CE marking. The training provides increased knowledge about product responsibility and product safety, what is required to CE mark and who is responsible for the product. This knowledge is central to many, but specifically to buyers, product managers and management teams. 

From the program:  

  • Background of the CE mark
  • Product safety vs product liability
  • New Approach Directives
  • GPSD - General Product Safety Directive
  • What does it mean that LVD, the low voltage directive, is a requirement for CE marking
  • The process of CE marking
  • Routine control
  • Manufacturer's declaration; who will sign it and what does it mean?
  • Technical file; documentation requirements, test reports and other documents for the CE marking  

Course objectives 

To provide an overall picture and understanding of why the CE marking requirement exists and what it means in the form of practical handling. After the course, the participants must have gained the understanding to be able to control routines / processes so that the risk of ending up in a product liability goal is minimized.

Who is the education aimed at?
The training is aimed at those who need an introduction of CE marking. Everyone who is (or should be) a link in the chain of responsibility for a functioning product responsibility work and handling of requirements for CE marking. This includes leading functions and managers such as Purchasing, CEO, Sales and Marketing, Product Management, Quality, Design and Production.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required

Course leader
Farzad Farzaneh, CE marking and International Regularity Compliance Specialist.
Farzad has a broad and unique competence in CE marking and the rules and directives that electrical products are covered by. He works with advice and regulatory support to companies that manufacture, distribute or import electrical products. Farzad is a frequently hired course leader in CE marking and application of current EU directives and regulations with almost 20 years of experience.

Do you want to know more about the education? Feel free to contact us on 08-750 00 00 or alternatively at utbildning@intertek.com

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