Product requirements for household appliances according to EN 60335-1

Understanding the basic compliance requirements for household appliances in the EU.

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All companies selling products on the EU market must demonstrate compliance with applicable EU directives. For household appliances, this means the Low Voltage Directive or the Machinery Directive. Using the harmonised standard EN 60335-1 and/or applicable 2 standard) is a common way of demonstrating compliance with these directives.

However, using the EN 60335-1 route to EU compliance requires a thorough understanding of the standard's requirements. As a matter of fact, few household appliances tested to this standard pass all the required tests the first tim, leading to design modifications way too late in the development process.

This course will give you the knowledge of the standard requirements you need to avoid most of the pitfalls on the road to EU compliance.


From the program

  • Basics of the product liability and CE marking
  • Explanation and interpretation of the requirements in EN 60335-1
  • Basic battery requirements 
  • IP classification
  • EN 60335-1 and functional safety

Course objectives
You will come away with a good understanding of the requirements in IEC/EN 60335-1, the main global standard for household appliances and some commercial products, as well as the basics of the product liability and CE marking.

Target audience
Designers of electrical and electronic products, R&D managers, quality managers, purchasers and anyone else who needs to understand the regulatory requirements for household appliances.

To get the most out of the course, you should have some experience working with construction and safety requirements, as well as have read through the standard.


Anders Åhman is global technical leader for IEC 60335 (electrical household appliances) at Intertek. He has many years of experience working with product safety, both through his current role as an advisor to Intertek customers and from his time as a test engineer. Furthermore, Anders is a member of the technical commitees SEK TK61 and TK 116.

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