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Meet our People


Sofia Bergström – Project Manager 

(Former Project Engineer and Coordination Engineer at Lighting products)

After getting a master's degree, which gave me a lot of theoretical knowledge, I wanted practical experience, and I found that at Intertek. As a Project Engineer, I performed tests according to a product-specific standard and compiled the results in a test report. When a product did not meet the requirements of the standard, the customer received a list of deviations to fix before we could issue a certificate of approval.

What does it take to succeed as a Project Engineer?
You should like working hands-on with electronics and enjoy customer contact. We work in close dialogue with our customers, and there are always lots of questions and discussions during a project. A problem-solving approach is good, too!

Tell us about your career journey at Intertek?
After working as a Project Engineer for about a year, my manager approached me and asked if I was interested in the position of Coordination Engineer in the department, since the current one was retiring. I jumped at the chance to try something new and work in a role closer to the customers. I did that for about a year and a half. Intertek then changed their collaboration with one of our bigger customers and needed more Project Managers and asked if I wanted to be one of them. Since I have always loved to look at the big picture and work on a more strategic level, I saw this as a great opportunity and said yes right away!


Magnus Olla, Key Account Manager

I wanted complex tasks and to challenge myself at work. I got that when I started at Intertek. I learn new things every day and I am confident that will continue. This is an industry that is constantly changing. Technology is constantly advancing, and the laws and regulations that govern markets around the world are changing all the time. Our customers' needs are also very diverse, so as a Key Account Manager here, you need to be both curious and creative so you can keep up with and meet everyone's needs.



Peter Levin, Auditor

As an auditor, you really get in touch with developments in both society and industry. This is a job that constantly pushes one out of routines. As an audit leader, you are authorized to perform certification audits and also conduct audits with a team of auditors. The customers I work with are found in most industries and operate both in Sweden and internationally. Virtually all types of organizations benefit from certifying their quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety (OHS) practices.

How do you perceive Intertek as a company?

I am impressed by the high technical expertise in the company, both within the management system side where I work as well as in other parts of the company.



Anders Kjellvard Mattsson, Vice President Strategic Development - Nordics

Over the years, I have realized that I need challenges to thrive and develop, and I have that at Intertek. I have always had a lot of room for my entrepreneurial side and a lot of freedom to develop things I believe in. In addition, what we do at Intertek is important from a wider perspective. We help our customers protect their brands and follow the rules and regulations of markets around the world in many product areas. In the end, it is about making sure that products that reach the market are safe to use, maintain the desired quality and are manufactured under good conditions.



Faysal Pirmohamed, Project Engineer Energy Storage Testing

Describe your work?

I help our customers test and evaluate batteries for performance, safety and storage characteristics. For example, customers come to us because they need help to choose the right battery for a new product, test and certify that the battery of their choice meets safety rules in different markets, or get an independent certification of their battery performance.

Unlike many other Intertek testing units, we work mostly with customer requirements and not so much with international standards. Sometimes, customers know exactly what they want us to test and how, and sometimes we help develop a test plan that suits their needs