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CE-marking moves centre stage

The new EMC Directive, LVD and RED define requirements for manufacturers, importers and retailers. Make sure you are complying with current rules and regulations.


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Intertek exclusively provides the S Mark. Products bearing this Mark demonstrate compliance with legal European electrical safety requirements via third-party testing.

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In English - This is Intertek

For over 100 years, companies around the world have turned to Intertek to ensure their products, processes and systems meet customer expectations as well as regulatory requirements of safety, quality, performance and environment.

Intertek is a world leading provider of quality and safety solutions. We help customers improve performance, gain efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics, overcome market constraints, and reduce risk. With our help, our customers can increase the value of their products, gain competitive advantages, minimize adverse environmental impact and build respected brands.

With over 36,000 people in 100 countries, Intertek is one of the largest in the industry. We are experts in regulatory affairs and standards. Whether your business is global or local, we can verify that your products meet quality, health, environment, safety and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world. We hold extensive global accreditations and agreements and our expertise in handling regulatory and market demands is unrivaled.

With our services covering advisory, verification and inspection as well as testing, quality assurance and certification, we can assist you through all the stages of your products’ lifespan. Our expertise covers most industries, and through our global network of Intertek laboratories and offices, we can handle market entry issues on practically all the world’s markets.

Why choose Intertek?

Efficient market entry
Using Intertek's services will ensure faster access to new markets, putting you ahead of the competition and potentially increasing revenue. Through working with our regulatory consultants during the project development phase, you will make sure your product complies with regulatory demands, laying the groundwork for a smooth and cost effective launch.

Increased product value
Complying with regulatory demands and standards makes economic sense. Intertek tests products to quality, performance, safety, environmental and CSR standards. The fact that your product meets the most stringent of demands can be used in your marketing, and as a basis for your pricing strategy.

Optimizing resources
Working with Intertek allows you to optimize your company’s resources. Let us do the work, and free up time for your people to focus on your core business. We have honed our skills in the field of testing and certification for over 100 years.

Protecting your brand
Since Intertek verifies your product complies with current demands and regulations, you are minimizing the risk of unpleasant surprises. A product that turns out to be unsafe will need to be recalled, causing extra costs, declining sales and, in the worst case, damaging the reputation of your company and your brand.

Our areas of expertise

We offer regulatory advisors, technical specialists, test engineers, certification expertise and training in the following areas:

Electrical safety
We offer highly qualified consulting and testing services during all product development phases. Our laboratory in Kista is accredited by SWEDAC and Notified Body (No 0413) for a number of EU directives. Intertek holds global accreditations and we can test your product near, or at your manufacturing site, wherever it is in the world. Whether you are aiming for markets in Asia, the EU, Turkey or other parts of Europe, or North America, we offer full product testing facilities testing to ANSI, CSA, UL, EN and IEC standards. In addition, we are one of the world’s biggest issuers of CB-certificates, as well national certificates such as ETL, the S-mark and BEAB.

Compliance with the EMC Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility) is a mandatory requirement for the CE Mark in Europe. In addition, EMC compliance is becoming increasingly important in countries outside the EU, such as Japan, Turkey, the US and the Middle East. Intertek is able to accommodate any product, from small household appliances to large industrial machinery. We hold numerous accreditations, we are a Competent Body under the EMC directive and can test to most EMC standards’ requirements including radiated and conducted immunity and emissions, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and voltage fluctuations, harmonics, and fast transients.

Energy Storage
Intertek has a depth of experience in working with batteries and fuel cells. Our strength is that we are able to offer a combination of advisory and testing services, ensuring that energy storage technologies meet performance, reliability and safety criteria. Clients worldwide benefit from our renowned independent assessments within batteries, fuel cells and super capacitators.

Chemical legislation
Intertek offers a broad range of services and unique expertise in the chemicals field. We help you assess your responsibilities, perform risk evaluations as well as handle your REACH registration if necessary. We are accredited according to ISO 17025 and, working with us, you can ensure you comply with current chemical legislation.  

Environmental and durability testing
Environmental and durability testing is used to ensure the reliability of your product, to help you minimize risk from warranty, insurance and damage claims by detecting design flaws early. Intertek offers a large range of tests to evaluate your products’ durability against environmental impact, including climate testing, dynamic testing, and accelerated stress testing as well as noise emissions testing.

Intertek offers complete calibration services for all kinds of measuring instruments – from advanced electronic measuring instruments to simple mechanical gauges. By using Intertek you don’t have to invest in expensive calibration equipment and technical skills, or spend time and resources on registration and administration. You save money and free up resources to focus on your core business.

The EU Machinery Directive
Intertek can help you demonstrate compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC for equipment to be sold in the European Union. 

Medical device testing and certification
Intertek’s global network of experts and laboratories specialize in medical product testing, product certification and management systems certification. We offer certifications for the S Mark and the ETL Listed Mark in North America. Through the CB Scheme, we help you gain access to global markets in more than thirty countries with a single test report.

Intertek’s laboratories and non-accredited services are provided by separate entities with no influence regarding Notified Body assessments.