Factory inspections for the S, GS, BEAB, ASTA and ENEC certification marks

Preparing for the factory inspections related to the S, GS, BEAB, ASTA and ENEC certification marks.

A third party certification mark is evidence that a product conforms to applicable standards, and that there is a program of ongoing factory inspections. The aim of the factory inspection program is to ensure that a product which has been tested and certified is manufactured and tested in a controlled manner so that the finished products meet the applicable standards and are identical to those that were tested in a laboratory in preparation for the certification. Without approved inspections of all production sites relating to the product to be certified, no mark or certificate can be issued. 

The factory inspections for the S, GS, BEAB, ASTA and ENEC certification marks are conducted according to the factory inspection requirements issued by the European Testing Inspection Certification System (ETICS). These requirements are detailed in the document CIG-021 Factory Inspection Procedures – Harmonised Requirements.

In addition to the general requirements outlined in CIG-021, specific requirements apply to each product category. These specific requirements are called Product Control Specifications (PCS)

How to schedule and prepare for the factory inspection

  1. Fill out and sign a copy of the questionnaire CIG-022B1 and CIG-022B2 Pre-license Factory Inspection Questionnaire – one for the license holder and one for each production site – and return by email to your S-mark, ENEC, GS, BEAB or ASTA certification body. These forms are needed to schedule the required inspections of your production sites.

  2. Upon receipt of your completed CIG-022B forms, our inspection centre will contact the production site(s) to schedule the inspection(s). Please make sure that the production sites are informed of the upcoming inspections.

  3. Prepare for the inspection by reviewing the requirements in CIG-021. To make sure your production sites are ready for the inspection, we suggest you perform an internal audit using the factory inspection report template CIG-023​. The questions in this template cover all of the requirements of CIG-021. More information on factory inspection procedures can be found in the document CIG 024 – Factory Inspection Procedures.

  4. ​Ensure that all inspections and tests specified in the Product Control Specification that applies to your product have been performed.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​